My name is Joseba Beramendi, although I sign as Exprai.

I’m from Pamplona. Drawer and (until recently) designer. I’ve been drawing on all kinds of papers, in digital publications of multiple dimensions and, believe it or not, even on the radio. Despite my shyness, I’ve had the guts to play the harp and sing, as well as to jump into a thousand professional adventures. It is more than possible that I contain traces of coffee and, most of the time, I don’t know how to say “no”.


I have worked for more than 30 years in advertising agencies, publishing houses and media, always looking for new solutions and learning. In 2023 I decided to leave the communication agency where I was a partner to dedicate myself entirely to drawing.

I have spent my life drawing, combining it as much as I could with design and, from now on, that will be my main challenge. Drawing and drawing.


As a cartoonist, I keep on working in different media (both in print and digital press), in advertising and I have also worked in radio, animation for cinema and TV or training, giving courses and talks in different fields.

I also publish a book from time to time and I keep on doing layouts for different publishers for those books that seduce me.


That’s the question, why should you contact me?

30 years in the business give me the ability to solve problems in this sector, as well as enough versatility to tackle any project with professionalism and creativity.


What do I have for you?
      • Versatility and variety of styles to adapt to your needs.
      • Agility and respect for deadlines.
      • Ability to understand and imagine what you want or need.
      • Enthusiasm, desire and curiosity to do new things.
      • Gender perspective and diversity inclusion.
      • Knowledge of the entire production process, with a total guarantee of delivering the right file, whether for printing, screen printing or digital use.

Here is a small sample of what I have been doing. Now, if you want, let’s do something interesting!